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Jayden Perron is a top prospect eligible for the 2023 NHL Draft who currently plays for the Chicago Steel of the USHL.

The University of North Dakota commit is in the midst of his second season in the USHL with the Steel. While drafted by the Portland Winterhawks in the 2020 WHL Bantam Draft, Perron decided to tender with the Steel in the 2021-22 season. In his first season with the team, he notched 17 goals, 28 assists, for 45 total points in 60 games played. This season, Perron sits 5th on his team in points scored with 18 goals, 23 assists, for 41 points in 41 games played. At this rate, Perron is on track for a 60 point season with the Steel, which will certainly help boost his ranking in the draft.

In the Smaht Scouting preliminary rankings, Perron was ranked #8th overall.

Player Profile

D.O.B – January 11, 2005
Nationality – Canadian
Draft Eligibility – 2023
Height –5’8″
Weight –157 lbs
Position – Forward
Handedness – Right

Perron’s Style Of Play


Jayden Perron is an undersized forward in the draft, but doesn’t let that get in the way as he shines offensively. He can serve as a duel-threat attack both as a playmaker and goal-scorer. With the puck on his stick, he is super evasive and fools the opposition with his slick hands and patience with the puck. When Perron uses his mobility and puck-handling skills to enter the offensive-zone, he becomes an immediate threat to the other team. He has good straight-line speed, but could work on developing a longer skating stride, which would make him even more dangerous of a player. His balance and edge work make him very dangerous when you combine that with his stick-handling ability. Perron can be a hard player to knock off the puck as he uses his lower-body and edges to block defenders. On the power play, he can play on the point as the quarterback as well as led the breakout of the defensive zone. The only thing Perron will have to work on in his offensive game is to not be overly flashy at times.

This goal is a great example of why Perron is so effective in open ice. He does a good job of reading the play and noticing there is open space to get a shot on goal. You see him call for the puck as he drives to the high slot. He is able to control the puck quickly, receiving the pass on his backhand, then using his quick release to score.

This goal is another example of Perron’s smarts in getting to open ice. Not wanting to bump into his teammates, he navigates his way around the ice and finds an open spot. Once the puck comes to him he has enough time to get a shot off for the goal.

Just like the first goal showed, this clip above shows Perron’s smarts in reading plays in the offensive zone. When two defenders get in his way he skates to the open ice as his teammate with the puck pulls in defenders’. Every defenders’ eye is on the puck and it leaves Perron in the slot for a potential scoring opportunity. Another thing to note is how he catches the puck in his feet and is able to control the puck quickly.


Defensively, Perron will have to add on some muscle to get stronger on the defensive side. Adding strength will help improve his game along the wall. His feet seem to always been moving on the hunt to breakup plays or find lose pucks. His skating ability can make him dangerous as he can quickly jump into passing lanes and steal pucks from the opposition.

Perron’s hockey smarts make it easy for him to get the puck out of the zone as he can do it in multiple ways. Depending on how fast he reads the play he has the ability to make a crisp pass out of the zone, skate it out, or use the boards/glass. Lastly, he is able to read plays and know when to support his teammates down low.

Perron stays high in the defensive zone looks for a loose puck and ends up stripping a defender from the puck and takes it up ice.

This clip shows Perron in a good position between the battle down below and the defender at the point. Once the puck gets to the point he is in an wide stance with an active stick to force the defenseman to make a move. The defender attempts to take a shot on goal but Perron makes a block.

Transitional Play

Perron is very smart with his transition play, especially with his ability to manipulate the opposition. He is quick to read plays and identify his options on the move. His head is always up scanning the ice while he makes crisp, accurate passes to his teammates. One of the things that makes him strong on transition play is you never know what he will do with the puck, whether that is maneuvering around defenders or making a quick pass to a teammate. In the defensive zone before breaking out of the zone, Perron is usually above the hashmarks, making it easy to get the puck out fast. He is strong at using the boards for extra help as well as his defenseman. Perron is very good at supporting his defenseman and drawing back.

Perron quickly skates to the boards in the defensive zone and receives a pass off the wall. He sees his teammate driving down the middle of the ice and dishes the puck off to time, for an almost great goal-scoring opportunity.

Perron attempts to make a pass on transition and the opposition picks it off. As Perron’s feet don’t stop moving in the neutral zone, he picks up the loose puck and enters the offensive zone with speed, making a beautiful move to get around defenders for the scoring opportunity.

In this clip, Perron draws back as a defender giving his teammate in danger an open passing option. He makes a pass to his teammate and makes the play go forward up ice.


Skating wise, Perron is solid. The best part of his skating ability is his edge work and agility. His strong edges make it easy for Perron to make a quick move to the side or a punch stop to cut back the other way. His lateral mobility and transition skills make him hard to defend, especially when you add his creative hands. Perron also has great straight-line speed and acceleration when skating up ice. He can be hard to stop once he gets the jets moving and he finds open ice.

Overall, Perron doesn’t have much to work on when it comes to the skating side of things. He could work on getting a long, stronger skating stride, which would help him become faster.

This video highlights Perron’s ability to maneuver through traffic with his edge work and puck protections skills when driving to the net.

Perron showcases his ability to navigate the defensive zone with ease. Once he receives the puck on the breakout his uses his strong straight-line speed to dash up the ice into the offensive zone.


Jayden Perron is projected as a potential top-six winger at the NHL level. If he can work on adding more muscle to his frame it will make his game more well-rounded, as he has the hockey smarts and offensive creativity. Now a-days, smaller players can dominate the NHL, so Perron being on the shorter end of the spectrum is not a knock on his game. Whatever team drafts him will just have to work on his muscle game.

Playing in the NCAA with North Dakota next season will be a test to see if he can compete with bigger and faster players.

Latest Update

February 15, 2023

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