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Preliminary 2021 NHL Draft Rankings

Alexander Appleyard, Paul Zuk, Sebastian Jackson and Josh Tessler combined their draft rankings and put together the official Smaht Scouting 2021 NHL Draft Preliminary Rankings. The rankings are below and our scouting reports are hyperlinked. Just to note, we are still working on some more 2021 NHL Draft scouting reports for public consumption. Stay tunedContinue reading “Preliminary 2021 NHL Draft Rankings”

Photo Credit – Shattuck-St. Mary’s School

Scouting Report: Scott Morrow

Photo Credit – Shattuck-St. Mary’s School Scott Morrow is a 2021 NHL Draft eligible prospect, who hails from Darien, Connecticut. While Connecticut doesn’t produce nearly the amount of players that Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin does, we have seen a lot of talent come out of the State of Connecticut over the years including SpencerContinue reading “Scouting Report: Scott Morrow”