Scouting Report: Tristen Robins

Photo Credit: Steve Hiscock / Saskatoon Blades

Player Profile

D.O.B – November 15, 2001
Nationality – Canada
Draft Eligibility – 2020
Height – 5’10
Weight – 173 lbs
Position – Center
Handedness – Right

Robins’ Style Of Play

The undersized forward is defined by his high IQ at both ends of the rink. He is very patient with the puck, and also has great passing ability and an abundance of creativity in his game. He is also an agile skater with a fantastic burst and good top speed, meaning that he can leave opponents in the dust within just two strides. His work ethic cannot be faulted, he plays the game like each shift is his last, and is all over the ice. On the defensive side of the game he is a puck-hawk. He manages to get into passing lanes with regularity, and insomuch turns pucks over and sends them the other way with regularity, as well as breaking up passes in the neutral and defensive zone what seems like every few shifts. It is no surprise given the combination of speed and instincts that he is dangerous on the penalty kill when used there. Robins also likes to shoot when he has a chance, and has a nice release. He also has decent hands even if they are not “exceptional”, and when he uses them he is rarely “flashy” but more utilitarian. Overall Robins is just an extremely solid all-around hockey player with a high work ethic and who knows exactly where to be on the ice.

In terms of issues? There are none really apart from his size… and the fact that he is not really “exceptional” in any area, even if above average everywhere. But you cannot teach the hockey IQ and game awareness that he has.

He also did not get much help in Saskatoon, and still produced at an extremely impressive level. His second half was only overshadowed by Seth Jarvis in the entire WHL, with Robins putting up 51 points in his last 31 games. Robins might be available in the third round… and would be a fantastic pick up there. I think he is a legitimate second round type talent. Down the line, he could be a really good middle six forward in the NHL who is capable of 45 points with a well-rounded game, though at a higher level he likely a right winger.


Vinnie Hinostroza, Center, Arizona Coyotes

Both forwards are undersized yet versatile players with fantastic motors and very well rounded games. Not “flashy”, but both have good hands, passing and a nice release. Underrated defensive games and a high IQ.

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