Scouting Report: Roby Järventie

Photo Credit: Jarno Hietanen / KOOVEE

Järventie had a ridiculous season in Mestis this year, on a pretty mediocre team. He managed to accumulate the most points ever for u-18 player and did not look out of place versus men. Järventie comes from a hockey family. His father Martti played one solitary game in the NHL for the Canadiens, and carved out a 20 year Liiga career as a defenseman.

Player Profile

D.O.B – August 8, 2002
Nationality – Finland
Draft Eligibility – 2020
Height – 6’2
Weight – 185 lbs
Position – Left Wing
Handedness – Left

Järventie’s Style Of Play

Järventie has a great combo of size and speed, meaning he can be a juggernaut on the puck up the wing. He makes the kind of plays that can get GM’s, or anyone who loves “old-school” hockey salivate. At times you think you are back in the 90s when the big teenager decides to go through a defenseman instead of around them. He also has a brilliant shot and loves to let it fly. On the power-play he can look like a left-handed Ovechkin when he sets up off the right half boards and hammers away. The young Finn will go to the net front and take the pain as well, playing with snarl both there and along the boards. Finn’s might often be characterized as ice-cool… but Järventie has some fire to him. The big winger is a decent passer, but who you should not expect to thread the needle too often, even if he tries from time to time. He has good hands when he decides to use him. At the next level he will likely be a “complementary” player alongside a play-making. While he can carry a puck he is never really the guy “driving” play. His hockey IQ is a question-mark, and his despite his physicality and tenacity in the offensive zone he can look like a different player inside his own blueline. The defensive aspects of his game have to improve going forward. Järventie is a project, but if he hits he could well be a second line, modern day “power-forward”.


Brett Connolly, Right Wing, Florida Panthers

Like the Panthers winger, the young Finn is known for having a fantastic shot. He also has a big body, and utilizes his plus skating to create dangerous opportunities. While neither are the most aggressive players they get to the net well and are solid on the boards. Their issues are also similar too, as like Connolly, Järventie has a questionable hockey IQ and a below average defensive game. If the Tampere native hits in the NHL I would expect him to have a similar impact as middle six winger Connolly as well.

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