Scouting Report: Daniel Torgersson

Photo Credit: Frölunda HC

Player Profile

D.O.B – January 26, 2002
Nationality – Sweden
Draft Eligibility – 2020
Height – 6’3
Weight – 205 lbs
Position – Left Wing/Right Wing
Handedness – Left

Torgersson’s Style Of Play

Torgersson is a big boy who can really wire a puck. He is a good skater, and not just for his size. The man from the island of Hönö also forechecks super hard, harassing defensemen and working all day long up and down the ice. With his size, strength and tenacity it would be no shock for young Swedish defensemen everywhere to be having night-mares hearing his “footsteps” behind them as they struggle to corral a lose puck behind their net.

The big winger seems to have a good hockey IQ and generally goes to the right areas on the ice at all times. As wingers go he can be relied on defensively, and has no issue sliding across to center in the neutral and defensive zone if his line-mates are caught up ice. However, despite his size and tenacity he is not an overly physical player. While he may get the label of a “power” forward by some don’t expect him to be roughing things up around the crease or delivering big hits. He is also not the most “skilled” player, though he has a solid shot and can pass a puck. In terms of special teams he is very good as a net-front player on the power-play.

As a well-rounded player with size, strength, speed and IQ the only questions really surround his upside. While he has a strong foundation in every area he does not excel in many. He also, naturally, needs to grow as a player across the board going forward to reach the NHL. His floor seems high, but does not seem too likely that will be more than a very good third line forward at the highest level who could fill in on the second line. Late in the second round he could be a good option, if he falls into the third would be a steal.


Joel Armia, Right Wing, Montréal Canadiens

One might be a Swede, one might be a Finn, and one is a righty, while one is a lefty. But in terms of their skill-sets and style of play there are a lot of similarities. Now, Armia is maybe more “conventionally” skilled, with better hands. However, both have big bodies, plus skating and high hockey IQ. Like Armia, Torgersson has a good shot, and while not overly physical is a great fore-checker who plays a mature 200-ft game. Both wingers also excel at getting to the net, and can play a net-front role when man-up.

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