Scouting Report: Simon Edvinsson

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The towering blue-liner is from a small town outside Gothenburg with an interesting history. A history that is fitting of Edvinsson for two separate reasons.

Onsala – located in a pristine fjord on the west coast of Sweden – means “The Halls of Odin”. When you look at Edvinsson that seems appropriate. The young, hulking, defenseman looks like he is straight out of a Viking saga. In the towns later history it was home to pirates and privateers who raided Danish and Russian fleets. On ice Edvinsson lives up to this with his swashbuckling style that is sure to turn heads.

The Frölunda product has been turning heads in Sweden since he was 14 years old, being the youngest defenseman selected for Dalarna county in the prestigious “TV-pucken” in 2017. The next year he made his debut for the Swedish junior national teams at u-16 level, and immediately was their “go-to” defenseman in a talented age-group. In his career so far he has played 19 games for the junior national team at u-16 and u-17 level. 21 points have come in those 19 games. But it is not just his offensive game that will ensure Edvinsson will be a first rounder in the 2021 draft.

Player Profile

D.O.B – February 5, 2003
– Sweden
Draft Eligibility 
– 2021
–185 lbs
– Defense
– Left

Edvinsson’s Style Of Play

His game is built around his physical skill-set. Edvinsson skates so smoothly that he appears languid on ice, yet still blazes past players six inches smaller than him on a regular basis. This translates beautifully when it comes to rushing up ice. His transition game really is something to behold. When he gets the puck on his stick in the defensive zone opposition forwards stomachs go into their throats. And that is understandable. In stride he can scythe through a neutral zone trap as though it is simply beneath him. There really is an air of condescension at times from Edvinsson when he has the puck on his stick, and who can blame him? There are not many players in Swedish juniors who have the ability to stop him fairly once he decides to go.

Edvinsson also has beautiful hands. He can deke as well as most high-skilled forwards, and has the confidence to take on multiple players either through the neutral zone, or once established in the offensive zone.

When set up he prefers to try and create high-danger chances instead of fire away from the point, usually trying to get past a man or walk into the circles before unleashing. He cycles the puck well, but his confidence in his ability can border on arrogance at times and lead to turnovers without much support behind him.

He is a deceptive and creative passer who puts many play-making centres to shame with his vision. Often he finds forwards all alone in-front after walking in from the point and drawing players out of position. As would be expected, his outletting is also impressive. This, combined with his puck-rushing, means his team rarely get stuck in the defensive zone with him on ice.

The worst aspect of his offensive game is – easily – his shot. For a big, strong, man he does not get much velocity on his shots. He creates great positions for wrist-shots especially on a regular basis, but often the goalie has time to see it and deal with it. On the slap-shot front he generally only takes them on the power-play, but would still prefer to walk in and wrist or snap the puck. He will never be Shea Weber in the shot department, and he needs to improve in that area before he reaches the NHL. If he can develop a bigger shot it will simply amplify how dangerous he is, and help create even more lanes for him.

Defensively Edvinsson is solid if unspectacular. He has good defensive IQ and usually positions himself well. Despite his size he is not that physical, though he does not shy away from contact. He has a very active stick that he utilises regularly to reach in and break up play to send the puck up ice. The biggest downside to his defensive game generally comes with getting caught up ice at times, and therefore unable to make a play.

Edvinsson is one of the best defensemen who will be available in the 2021 draft, which is saying something considering there may well be six defensemen who have the talent to go top ten. It is easy to see NHL scouts falling in love with him. Down the line it would be a shock to see him not becoming a good top four NHL blue-liner, and he has the potential to be a 40+ point, top pairing guy.


Oliver Ekman Larsson, left handed defenseman, Arizona Coyotes

Edvinsson and his fellow Swede share a lot of attributes. Both are good skaters with sweet mitts and an abundance of confidence. They also share a high offensive IQ, great ability to rush the puck, and high-level passing. Neither are defensive zone stand-outs, but are solid in their own end. Though Ekman Larsson might “stand-out” more due to being more physical there. The one area though where the Arizona captain has a clear advantage is his shot. Don’t expect Edvinsson to ever put 20+ goals up at the highest level.

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