2021 NHL Draft Goalie Dataset

The 2021 dataset will be focusing on rebound control and quickness. Each will have their Tableau page/chart.

Before I continue and explain the charts, I just want to list the goaltenders that I have tracked and will be tracking. Names are subject to change.

  • Spencer Knight (Florida Panthers – draft year data)
  • Yaroslav Askarov (Nashville Predators – draft year data)
  • Jesper Wallstedt (Luleå)
  • Maxim Motorygin (Dynamo Moscow)
  • William Jupiter (HV71)
  • Viggo Andrén (Frölunda)
  • Vsevolod Skotnikov (CSKA Moscow)
  • Jacob Goobie (Charlottetown)
  • Tomas Suchanaek (HC Ocelari Trinec)
  • Kaiden Mbereko (USNTDP)
  • Noah Patenaude (Saint John)
  • Juuso Helomaa (Ässät)
  • Carl Lindbom (Djurgårdens)
  • William Rousseau (Quebec)
  • Sebastian Wraneschitz (UPC Vienna)
  • Tristan Lennox (Saginaw)
  • Benjamin Gaudreau (Sarnia)
  • Sebastian Cossa (Edmonton)
  • Joe Vrbetic (North Bay)
  • Henri Risikko (Jokerit)
  • Marcus Brännman (Örebro)
  • William Håkansson (Växjö)
  • Tucker Tynan (Niagara)
  • Pavel Kanaev (Spartak Moscow)
  • Talyn Boyko (Tri-City)
  • Braden Holt (Everett)
  • Thomas Milic (Seattle)
  • Drew Sim (Vancouver)
  • Brett Brochu (London)
  • Yegor Naumov (Loko Yaroslavl)
  • Brock Grould (Moose Jaw)
  • Platon Zadorozhny (Spartak Moscow)
  • Kirill Gerasimyuk (SKA-Varyagi im. Morozova) 
  • Carter Serhyneko (Prince Albert)
  • Grant Riley (Tri-City)
  • Nikita Quapp (Ravensburg)
  • Nick Malik (Sault Ste. Marie)
  • Aku Koskenvuo (HIFK)
  • Fabio Iacobo (Victoriaville)
  • Patrik Hamrla (Karlovy Vary)
  • Noah Grannan (Sioux Falls)
  • Emerik Despatie (Gatineau)
  • Pavel Cajan (Kitchener)
  • Jed Baliotti (Green Bay)
  • Taylor Gauthier (Prince George)

Spencer Knight and Yaroslav Askarov’s data have been added to serve as a bench mark, so you can understand how these goaltenders compare to two first round goaltenders in years’ past.

For the goaltenders who are playing in the OHL, should their season not happen and those goaltenders are not loaned out, I will be tracking data from their 2019-2020 campaign.

Quickness Data

My quickness tableau chart shows up/down time and side/side time. Up/down time is an average of how long it takes goaltenders to go from standing to down on the ice. Side/side time is how long it takes goaltenders to go from side to side in net. These times are an average and they were timed using an iPhone stopwatch. To be transparent, in order to be timed, the goaltender had to face a shot. So, I was not timing a goaltender’s side to side movement without a shot on net. Same with up/down time.

To access the quickness chart, please click here.

Rebound Data

My rebound tableau chart looks at how goaltenders control their rebounds. I have two charts. One compares low danger rebounds versus high danger rebounds and the other looks at medium danger rebounds versus high danger rebounds. Ideally, you want your high danger rebound rate to be lower and your low/medium danger rebound rate to be higher. So, in the medium/high danger rebound and low/high danger rebound charts, goaltenders that are towards the left side of the chart are far more appealing than ones toward the right.

To access the low/high danger chart, please click here. The medium/high danger chart, can be found here.

*The rebound data does not include data on Askarov and Knight*

Raw Data/Requests

If you are interested in looking at the raw data or are interested in looking at a goaltender who is not on my list, please contact me over DM. My Twitter handle is @JoshTessler_.

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