2022 NHL Draft Goalie Dataset

The 2022 dataset will be focusing on danger save percentage, glove saves, rebound control and speed / quickness. To access the visuals on Tableau, please click here.

Speed / Quickness Data

My quickness tableau chart shows up/down time and side/side time. Up/down time is an average of how long it takes goaltenders to go from standing to down on the ice. Side/side time is how long it takes goaltenders to go from side to side in net. These times are an average and they were timed using an iPhone stopwatch. To be transparent, in order to be timed, the goaltender had to face a shot. So, I was not timing a goaltender’s side to side movement without a shot on net. Same with up/down time.

Rebound Data

My rebound tableau chart looks at how goaltenders control their rebounds. I have charts showing where goaltenders are pushing the puck (high danger, medium danger and low danger). For high danger rebounds, I also have a chart indicating where those shots came from (high danger, medium danger and low danger).

Glove Save Data

My glove save data is just showing how many glove saves each goaltender is logging on average. For next season, I will add to this and identify the glove save totals on shots coming from high danger, medium danger and low danger.

Danger Save Percentage Data

For the high, medium and low danger save percentage data, I have used the data that InStat provides for all regular season and playoff games that the goaltender appeared in. I didn’t include any international tournament play.

The Sample

The sample of data (excluding danger saver percentage data) is five games worth of data. Five games per goaltender. Next season, I will hopefully expand that to 7-8 games of data.

Raw Data/Requests

If you are interested in looking at the raw data or are interested in looking at a goaltender who is not on my list, please contact me over DM. My Twitter handle is @JoshTessler_.

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