Scouting Report: Anton Olsson

Photo Credit – Malmö Redhawks The town of Helsingborg is a town of contrast. Survey it from the towers of Hamlet’s Castle, just three miles away in Denmark across the Øresund Strait, and you see both plumes of smoke and an industrial cargo port, as well as beautiful old buildings and rolling Swedish countryside. AntonContinue reading “Scouting Report: Anton Olsson”

Scouting Report: Jesper Wallstedt

Photo Credit – Luleå Hockey Over the last ten years NHL teams have grown more and more reticent to draft goalies in the first round. From 2011 to 2018 there were only four goalies taken before the end of the drafts first day, and of those four the highest selection was Andrei Vasilevskiy at 19thContinue reading “Scouting Report: Jesper Wallstedt”

Scouting Report: Oskar Olausson

Photo Credit – HV71 Given the talent he possesses it is a surprise that Oskar Olausson has not got more column space in the lead-up to the 2021 draft.  Part of that might simply be due to him being a 2002 born player. Therefore his only major international tournament was the 2019 Hlinka, where heContinue reading “Scouting Report: Oskar Olausson”

Scouting Report: Fabian Lysell

Photo Credit – Frölunda HC Frölunda, the Gothenburg based club, have been the pre-eminent force in Swedish hockey for the last 20 years. Since 2003 they have won four Le Mat Trophies, the most of any SHL club over that time-span. They have also been a breeding ground for NHL talent. Henrik Lundqvist, Erik Karlsson,Continue reading “Scouting Report: Fabian Lysell”

Scouting Report: Simon Edvinsson

Photo Credit – Frölunda HC The towering blue-liner is from a small town outside Gothenburg with an interesting history. A history that is fitting of Edvinsson for two separate reasons. Onsala – located in a pristine fjord on the west coast of Sweden – means “The Halls of Odin”. When you look at Edvinsson thatContinue reading “Scouting Report: Simon Edvinsson”

Interview: Jaromír Pytlík

Photo Credit: Terry Wilson/OHL Images, Aaron Bell/CHL Images The hulking Czech pivot did not get too much hype in the lead-up to the NHL draft. Why? Probably because he does not have the “flash” that many forward prospects have. But when you run down a check-list of attributes there is not really a single boxContinue reading “Interview: Jaromír Pytlík”

Interview: John-Jason Peterka

Photo Credit – EHC Red Bull München John-Jason Peterka might have Czech heritage, and with his family name you might think that the Buffalo Sabres prospect grew up surrounded by hockey, but that was not the case in his formative years. Hockey had not even been a consideration in Peterka’s family before he first pickedContinue reading “Interview: John-Jason Peterka”

Interview: Lukas Reichel

Photo Credit: Jan Malte Diekmann While no-one would mistake Germany for a hockey powerhouse, hockey is simply in Lukas Reichel’s blood. His father Martin played 20 years of pro hockey, including playing for his adopted homeland of Germany at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. His uncle Robert played over 800 NHL games and tookContinue reading “Interview: Lukas Reichel”

Interview: Dawson Mercer

Photo Credit: Andre Emond The Canadian forward might have put up 1.43 points-per-game in the QMJHL last season, but just because the Newfoundland native has some offensive chops don’t for one second think that he is an offense only player. His diligence in his own end is one of the major reasons that he foundContinue reading “Interview: Dawson Mercer”