Scouting Report: Dmitri Simashev

If you’re looking for defense in this draft, there’s no better option than Dmitri Simashev, and I don’t think it’s particularly close. He’s a monster defensively at every level, brings some spectacular skating, and though he might not be as dynamic offensively as some of the other top d-men in this draft, he’s always makingContinue reading “Scouting Report: Dmitri Simashev”

Scouting Report: Matvei Michkov

Photo Credit: Russian Look Ltd. / Alamy Stock Photo Matvei Michkov scores…a lot. He’s been on everyone’s radar for years, and when you look at his production, it’s easy to see why. Although points ≠ good, it’s hard to ignore the impressiveness of his statistical profile. He’s a goal-scoring machine and the records seem toContinue reading “Scouting Report: Matvei Michkov”