Scouting Report: Stephen Halliday

Steven Ellis/The Hockey News A lot can change in two years. The 2018 OHL draft had quite the group. Quinton Byfield was the cream of the crop, while Jamie Drysdale, Cole Perfetti and a host of other top 2020 NHL draft prospects (and potential 2021 No. 1 pick Owen Power) all went early. The draftContinue reading “Scouting Report: Stephen Halliday”

Scouting Report: Jamie Drysdale

Photo from Aaron Bell/OHL Images This is far from a strong year for defensemen. It wouldn’t be shocking if just 3-4 defenders in the first round, compared to a potential five in the top 10 next year. With so much focus on big-game, skillful forwards, it’s easy to forget just how good Jamie Drysdale isContinue reading “Scouting Report: Jamie Drysdale”

Scouting Report: Cole Perfetti

Photo Credit: Aaron Bell/CHL Images Cole Perfetti? More like Goal Perfetti. (I wouldn’t blame you if you shut down your computer after that). Few prospects have been as fun to follow over the past 2-3 years than Perfetti, one of the top offensive threats from the 2002-born CHL class. Regardless of league, Perfetti’s primary points-per-estimated-60Continue reading “Scouting Report: Cole Perfetti”

Scouting Report: Will Cuylle

Photo from Aaron Bell/CHL, Terry Wilson/OHL Images A lot can change in three years. In 2017-18, Cuylle was highly regarded as a powerhouse forward in the GTHL. Every time he hit the ice with the Toronto Marlboros, Cuylle was an immediate scoring threat, leading the OHL Cup with 12 points to beat out the likesContinue reading “Scouting Report: Will Cuylle”

Scouting Report: Quinton Byfield

Photo Credit – Aaron Bell, CHL/OHL Images, Photo Taken by Chris Tanouye. Quinton Byfield. Get used to saying that name because if your team doesn’t end up picking him, you’ll hate playing against the top 2002-born prospect in the world. Byfield joined the struggling Sudbury Wolves squad two years ago, marking the team’s second firstContinue reading “Scouting Report: Quinton Byfield”