Scouting Report: Jan Bednář

Photo Credit: Kateřina Macečková

Coming into this season, Jan Bednář was in contention to be considered the second best goalie in the draft. He dazzled in 2018-19 as a 16 year old, putting up .916 sv% in 15 Czech Extraliga games. However, this year some real warts have been revealed, and as a result he has struggled at the same level.

Player Profile

D.O.B – August 26, 2002
Nationality – Czech Republic
Draft Eligibility – 2020
Height – 6’4
Weight – 187 lbs
Position – Goaltender
Catches – Left

Bednář’s Style Of Play

Bednář is a modern butterfly hybrid style goaltender. He is really mobile, has a great frame that he can use well, and has the talent that makes you sometimes think that for him the NHL is a matter of when, not if. He is calm, poised and, in general, has good positioning. Additionally, he possesses a good glove and can make insane reaction saves. However, he has real issues with consistency, and seems to switch off at times and get a step behind the play as a result. This is especially apparent if the play is quick developing, and he can get himself into binds where the only way a save can be made is a feat of athletic brilliance. In turn, not only does this make you question his hockey IQ and ability to dissect a play, but also whether these issues with quick developing plays could hinder his adaptation to smaller ice in future. On North American ice one of the major differences is such “bang-bang” plays are more common. Bednář is a good skater and not only does he use his edge-work well when in the crease, but also to handle the puck with aplomb and send play up ice. Overall there is no doubt that the young Czech net-minder has the “talent” to be an NHL goalie, but needs to clean up aspects of his game going forward. If he falls to the mid-rounds he could prove a high reward project for the team that picks him.


Steve Mason, Goaltender, Former NHLer, Played for the Columbus Blue Jackets, Philadelphia Flyers and Winnipeg Jets

While Mason was a rare right handed glove goalie, him and Bednář share a number of traits. Both are big, agile goalies who use their size well and are poised in goal. Like Mason, Bednář is very good at staying square to the shooter and use their high-end edge-work to do so. Bednář also handles the puck well, as his Canadian counterpart did. Their issues are also similar, as the young Czech goalie struggles with consistency, and when off his game can lose the play and give up poor rebounds.

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