Scouting Report: John-Jason Peterka

Photo Credit – EHC Red Bull München

Player Profile

D.O.B – January 14, 2002
Nationality – Germany
Draft Eligibility – 2020
Height – 5’11
Weight – 192 lbs
Position – Right Wing
Handedness – Left

Peterka’s Style Of Play

Peterka is a fast, skilled winger. While physically well-developed already for his age, he is still quite raw, and some may regard him as a slight “project”. The German winger has the kind of skill-set that makes you think if things go well developmentally he could be a star. He models his game on Patrick Kane, and it is easy to see that in his play. He relishes using his hands and speed to beat defensemen, and when his confidence is up he can make grown men with years of pro experience stand-off him and lose their gap due to the fear of being walked. Peterka is not just a perimeter player though, and likes getting to the danger areas, when he can use his plus shot well to create chances. One thing that marks out his shot versus a lot of players his age is the ability to utilise his wrister effectively while in full stride. His soft hands also mean he can feather some beautiful passes into danger areas, but so far in his career he has seemed better suited to being a “complimentary” player. His consistency needs to improve, but the work ethic is there and he forechecks hard. He misreads plays in the defensive zone at times, which can get him into trouble.

His raw production in the DEL this year might not look anything special, but it is worth noting that he ranks sixth all-time in DEL scoring for U-18 (Tim Stützle and Lukas Reichel are ahead… alongside ex-NHLers Marcel Goc, Marco Sturm and Jochen Hecht).


Timo Meier, Right Wing, San Jose Sharks

Peterka has not quite learnt how to use his strength in the way that Meier does, and has not got as wide of a frame as his Swiss counterpart does to do so. Furthermore, Meier is more consistent and a better two-way player. However, when you look back to the player Meier was at the same age there are a lot of similarities, especially offensively. Both are great skaters who shield the puck well, and can beat defensemen clean on the outside before making a beeline for the net. Like the Sharks forward, Peterka is an extremely confident player with plus hands who does not shy away from going to the net and grinding in the danger areas. The two German speakers are also both electric on the rush with quick releases.

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