Scouting Report: Oscar Tellström

Photo Credit: Vännäs HC

Player Profile

D.O.B – July 17, 2002
Nationality – Sweden
Draft Eligibility – 2020
Height – 5’10
Weight – 187 lbs
Position – Left Wing/Right Wing
Handedness – Left

Tellström’s Style Of Play

Tellström came out of absolutely no-where this year. However, this has seemingly been more of a question of opportunity as opposed to ability. The young Swede was never picked up by a professional team before this year, so carved out a youth career in “second rate” junior leagues, being one of the best players for his age in the J18 Elit last season. Despite this, hockey is in his blood, with father Johan an ex-SHL pivot.

This year he started in the Swedish third men’s tier, HockeyEttan, with Vännäs HC. He promptly destroyed the competition, having the best production for an u-18 in close to 20 years at that level, with over point-per-game against men at a semi-pro level. Players who produce at that level, or even P/GP+ at 17 in HockeyEttan usually end up as at least good SHLers, Tre Kronar players etc. His play meant he was picked up by his father’s old club Luleå HF at mid-season, and made his SHL debut in March as a 13th forward, just before the season prematurely ended. Tellström is almost certainly a winger going forward, but he spent parts of the year playing center for both Vännäs and the Luleå J-20 team.

In terms of his skill-set, the young forward skates very well, and is very shifty. He uses this ability to put defensemen on the back-foot when coming up ice with the puck. Tellström also has a good hockey IQ, and as a result can find gaps in play and get to danger areas with ease. When you combine this with the fact he has a powerful wrist-shot with a quick release it is easy to see why he was so dangerous even against men. On the power-play he usually sets up off the right half-boards, and looks for one timers and quick wrist-shots. He can use his agility in man-up situations to deceive defensemen and walk in closer for even higher danger chances. Tellström also has decent hands that he can use at speed, and it is not uncommon to see him drive past defensemen up the wing before cutting in on goal. He is also strong on the puck for his size and fore-checks well.

In terms of what the man from close to the Finnish border needs to work on? Right now he can hesitate to make a play at times and end up either shooting or passing later than he should, negating a good chance. Additionally, while he works hard defensively he can be overwhelmed physically and sometimes get behind the play.


Jesper Bratt, Left Wing, New Jersey Devils

Tellström and Bratt were both underrated going into their draft year, but that is not the only thing the two Swedes share. On the power-play they are virtually a mirror of each other, setting up in the same spot on the right side and possessing a very similar release both on their wrist-shot and slap-shot. There are also echos of Bratt’s game in Tellström at 5v5. Both use their high end speed to beat men on the rush with regularity, though Bratt is the flashier of the two. They also mirror each other with their ability to find lanes in the offensive zone, and their diligent fore-checking. The Devil’s forward can also be overwhelmed physically like Tellström. However, Tellström is a stronger, more instinctive defensive player than Bratt.

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