Scouting Report: Oskar Magnusson

Photo Credit: Malmö Redhawks

Player Profile

D.O.B – January 31, 2002
Nationality – Sweden
Draft Eligibility – 2020
Height – 5’10
Weight – 165 lbs
Position – Left Wing/Right Wing
Handedness – Left

Magnusson’s Style Of Play

Magnusson was the second highest J20 scorer this year, and only really had Helge Grans for help for half the year, on a mediocre team that was not exactly high scoring. When he has played for the national junior team he has generally played a bottom six role as a utility player, but were it not for his age-group having a profligacy of talented wingers he would have had more spot-light there.

The small, shifty winger has good speed that he combines well with solid edge-work, meaning that he is very evasive. He uses his plus skating ability to make defensemen back up and lose their gaps with some regularity. Magnusson is also a naturally confident player who relishes attempting highlight reel plays. But despite having some real “panache” to his game Magnusson is no one-trick pony. He has some real snarl to him, and on the power-play this season was often utilized in a slot or net-front role despite being a smaller player. A tenacious fore-checker, the man from Trelleborg disrupts lanes well and is good at knocking passes out of mid-air and turning pucks over by pressuring defensemen. Each shift he injects the game with energy one way or another.

The Swede is also good penalty-killer who works hard when back-checking. He plays a simple but effective game inside his own blue-line, and in turn can be relied on in any phase of the game. Magnusson also has a nice release, soft, creative hands, and good vision that enables him to find team-mates regularly. While his skill level is not that of a future top six NHL player, Magnusson is just very-well rounded with noticeable hockey IQ even as a teenager. In turn it is easy to see him becoming a good, solid NHLer down the line as a middle six winger, more likely third line, but maybe a second line third wheel at times.


Carl Hagelin, Left Wing, Washington Capitals

The Capitals winger has become a paradigm for what a depth NHL winger should be. Magnusson has the skill-set to make you think he could be an NHL player in that mold down the line. Both share above average puck skills and a good shot, but really “win” due to the combination of speed, smarts and determination they possess. Like Hagelin, Magnusson is a good defensive player who is dangerous on the penalty-kill, and always plays the game with an air of resoluteness to him.

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